Water Taking at Middlebrook Well Puts Centre Wellington’s Water System in Jeopardy.

Fergus and Elora are mandated to double in population by 2041.

Under the Places to Grow initiative the county has allocated the lion’s share of its population growth to this urban area. Few municipalities in Ontario face the same growth pressure.

We cannot grow without water!

Concerned residents engaged civil engineer, Garry Hunter, to undertake a thorough investigation of the township’s water system. Mr. Hunter prepared a report for the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change in the context of the new population growth targets. Here are some key findings:

  • A number of the existing 8 municipal wells are already unable to pump to their permitted amount
  • Elora area wells should be at least 2 km apart
  • Nestlé’s water taking at the Middlebook well effectively removes the entire area west of Elora as a possible site for any future municipal well.
  • A forecasted 144% service increase
  • Centre Wellington’s municipal water system serviced 18,000 residents in 2015 but it is forecasted to service up to 44,000 in 2041, adding 26,000 residents to the system.
  • 1 in 8 urban residents draw water from a private well
  • The township is restricted in how much it can draw down the water level when operating its municipal wells.

It makes no sense in a potentially water-sensitive area to permit competition between a township mandated to grow and an exploitive commercial water taker.

Due to the structure of local municipal governments locally, Centre Wellington has a very large number of private wells on farms and in long settled areas. These wells are close to the Nestle Site. We have collected websites and info to help local well owners connect with helpful information.

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