Past Events

Save Our Water  would like to thank all the donors, volunteers,  and folks who stopped by to chat and sign cards for Kathleen Wynne at Riverfest.  On Saturday, Peter Skoggard was a fine blue heron and images of him are flying around Facebook.   We sent off more that 500 signed cards, and met many friends and supporters over the weekend.

We want to especially thank Demi Kelly for doing three great original designs and putting them on T-shirts and patches that we sold.

Thanks to Aaron Calenda for the beautiful glass water droplets.

A big shout out to the Blundstone Boots Canada gang from Collingwood!  They had a boot in the bin toss that raised money for the Wellington Water Watchers and Save Our Water!

It was a super weekend and thanks for all the folks who make Riverfest the success that it is!