Contamination Issues of the Middlebrook Well

Provided below is a link to a document by Ian MacRae, a local citizen and resident of the Middlebrook area who has compiled a report about the contamination issues of the Middlebrook Well and the surrounding area. It raises many concerns that we believe you need to know. It is referred to in the Water Brief.

Contamination Issue Middle Brook Water July 26-2015

Briefing Documents for Council

For the past several months members of the community and SaveOurWater.CA have been on a fact finding mission to learn and research about the impact the Nestle Proposal would have on the Township of Centre Wellington.  The above Water Brief that has been presented to the Mayor and Members of Council as well as to the Ministry of the Environment supports our contention that this water taking is not in the interest of the local community and has ramifications for the watershed.

This brief provides technical and historical context for Nestle Waters’ planned application for a permit to take water (PTTW) from the Middlebrook well. It comprises a list of recommended actions, a 3-page summary, an independent hydrogeological assessment of the project, then the summaries of documents which provide the primary evidence that we refer to in Recommendations and Summary of Issues.

Middlebrook Water Taking – Briefing Docs for Council_2015-08-04