Ontario Government Proposes One-Year Extension Of The Moratorium

The Ontario government Wednesday announced a proposed one-year extension of the moratorium on water bottling permits on the Environmental Registry of Ontario (https://ero.ontario.ca/notice/013-3974). The current moratorium, which originally took effect on December 16, 2016, prohibits new permits for water bottling facilities to take groundwater, prevents existing water bottling facilities from increasing their draw beyond what is authorized in their current permit, and precludes new or amended permits for pumping tests to identify sources for bottled water.

Save Our Water is encouraged by the government’s decision to re-evaluate its
decision-making process for managing water takings in our province. This group has long been an advocate for policy that prioritizes the needs of ecosystems, farms and municipal water sources, reflecting the uncertain challenges of climate change and population growth. Additionally, Save Our Water fundamentally opposes commercial water bottling, emphasizing a position of water as a public trust, and not as a commodity to be sold.

Now more than ever, we need to engage with our Ministry officials and voice our concerns about water taking rules and continue asserting that Centre Wellington is NOT a willing host for commercial water bottlers. We urge all Ontario residents to post a comment relating to the proposed extension of the moratorium on the Environmental Registry of Ontario and let your voice be a part of the push towards more responsible water policy for the sake of protecting groundwater for future generations.

We need your support!

Take this one question survey and let the Ministry know how you feel about the proposal here

You can also post your comment on the Environmental Registry here

Council Declares Centre Wellington is NOT a willing host for commercial water takers.

Report from the Committee of the Whole May 22, 2018 Recommendation:

WHEREAS the population of the Township of Centre Wellington is mandated to grow to approximately 45,000 by 2041;

AND WHEREAS the Township is dependent upon accessible and environmentally secure groundwater for its municipal water supply;

AND WHEREAS the Township is currently studying its long term water supply options through both the Scoped Tier 3 Water Budget and the Long-Term Water Supply Master Plan;

AND WHEREAS the preliminary findings from these studies have identified the need for additional sources of groundwater to service its projected growth to 2041 and beyond;

AND WHEREAS the Council of the Township of Centre Wellington has, by resolution, declared water resources within the Township to be a “Public Trust.”


  1. The Township of Centre Wellington is not a willing host community to any new commercial water bottling operation or the taking of water for that purpose under any circumstances;
  2. The Township of Centre Wellington opposes the issuance of a new Permit to Take Water pursuant to the Ontario Water Resources Act and associated Regulations to any individual person or corporation to enable the extraction of water from any source located within its boundaries for the purpose of a commercial water bottling operation;
  3. The Township Clerk is hereby directed to distribute this resolution to the Leaders of the four major political parties in Ontario and to their individual candidates running in the Provincial election within Centre Wellington prior to June 7, 2018.

Protesters rally against Nestlé Waters’ plans for Elora well

Original Article by Tony Saxon in Guelph Today. (photo credit: Tony Saxon)

ELORA – Those opposed to Nestlé Waters’ plans to increase its water taking from a well just outside of Elora aren’t going to let the issue fade.

Roughly 100 people showed up Sunday afternoon, gathering at a farm on Middlebrook Road for a rally then marching to the Middlebrook Well where Nestlé hopes to eventually start pumping bottled water.

“This is a really pinnacle and important day. I think it’s one of the most important days of the campaign,” said Mike Nagy, chairperson of the Wellington Water Watchers who organized the event.

Read full story here.

Residents call on premier to say ‘no’ to Nestle

Coverage of our protest on November 26, 2017 by CTV News – Kitchener’s Tina Yazdani

Watch video here.

Keeping the water issue on the front burner

Save Our Water rally stresses the need for bottled water to be an issue in the provincial election next June.

The moratorium on new permits for the bottled water industry may have moved the issue to the back burner. But Guelph’s highly-motivated anti-bottled water movement plans on making sure it doesn’t stay there.

Roughly 50 people turned out Friday for a Save Our Water rally in Downtown Guelph organized by Wellington Water Watchers and Save Our Water.

Read the full article in GuelphToday.com

Tier 3 Community Stakeholders and Residents Meeting September 13.

Thursday, Sept. 13, 6:30 – 9:00 at the Elora Community Centre.

The study team for Centre Wellington’s Tier 3 water assessment formed a citizens’ group, the Community Liaison Group, to engage residents and stakeholders in this project. The public is invited to attend Thursday’s meeting along with this stakeholder group. With these meetings the Project Team under the GRCA wants to keep the broader community up to date about the progress of the project and to relay relevant information. Topics for this community meeting include the Growth Management Strategy, the Water Supply Master Plan, and a presentation of the first Tier 3 report with interesting information about the bedrock geology under our feet in this town and surrounding area.