We know that democracy is not a spectator sport!

Nestle and Centre Wellington

We know that democracy is not a spectator sport!

We are not up against just any business. This is Nestle! The challenge for us is who controls the ground water we depend upon…the people of Ontario or a foreign corporation?

In the end, it is our community, our wells, farms, industry, businesses and future growth that will be hurt. If Nestle gets a permit to pump water here, we could experience the water nightmare that other parts of the world are in now!

Let’s talk Nestle.

Vittel France is running out of water and blaming Nestles’ 28 years of water taking. We do not want that to happen here!
Erin is having trouble finding a new well! Nestle is there to “help”…This could be us too!

Nestle is one of the biggest bottlers of water with over 100 plants in 34 countries and always hunting for more! By their own admission, they waste at least 30 per cent of that water they take in the bottling process itself.

They have been pumping with an expired permit in California for 30 years at about 1 billion gallons a year. California is in a multiyear drought. Yet a Nestle executive said,” If I could increase it, I would!”

Nestle’s deep well in Pakistan caused the water level
to drop leaving the local village with dirty,
dangerous water sickening the villagers. When this came to light, Nestle kept right on pumping.

This is NOT the kind of business we want in our
Community, one that has such a bad reputation, is a threat to our local water system, negatively impacts aquatic ecosystems, and contributes to the plastic pollution that is choking our planet.

Here is the predatory, strong-arm company we are dealing with:

When Osceloa Township in Michigan voted NO to Nestle’s plan to triple their water taking because it would stress the township’s water system, Nestle sued the township. While they were suing those people, Nestle’s message was, “We want to be part of the community, we want to have conversations.” Lawyer up and See you in court! Some conversation!

This is the way they treat a host community! This could be us! They choose small rural communities but they picked the wrong one here!

Thank you for your support thus far. But we are not done yet!

Nestle executives here claim to be an open book, but when our technical team asked for a report on the Middlebrook well, they did not share it. They also chose to firm up their offer when the township bid on the property.

Other communities have beaten back Nestle and we can too! We will not be bullied, bankrupted or manipulated. We need policies that lock out a company that would privatize the water a community needs!

We are NOT a willing host community to Nestle! We are going to ask our Council to put that in a resolution for the province. Come to the May 28 Council meeting to support a resolution.

Let’s talk Provincial Politics.

To his credit, Ted Arnott, who was our opposition Environmental Critic, told the Legislature that Ontario must do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and confront climate change. Let us support him with that view but tell him he needs to go further. Let him know that plastic waste like Nestle water bottles are part of an ecological time bomb that scientists warn us is “as dangerous as climate change”.

Please tell Ted Arnott to choose his priorities: profits for a foreign corporation or the needs of his community.

Centre Wellington relies solely on ground water. We cannot afford to have it shipped away daily never to return! The province cannot ask us to double in size and then give a permit to take away the water!

It is time for Ted to walk the talk and make some tough decisions. We know that if a decision had been made 3 years ago, the science would have been totally wrong!

The decisions we ask for today will determine the future of this community, the future generations and all of Ontario. Precedents are set here. The rest of the province will be vulnerable to water taking unless we draw the line here!

Tell Ted Arnott, and John Hurst of the Liberals, and Diane Ballantyne of the NDP and Dave Rodgers of the Green Party that this is not about any business. This is about Nestle. This company puts our community at serious risk! We need to see better provincial legislation that protects water.

Let’s talk the municipality!

Our councillors voted unanimously to support water as a public trust. Let us support them in that position and hold them to that.

We citizens are asked to conserve water. Conserving water does not mean giving 1.6 million litres of water a day to Nestle!

Our water rates may skyrocket if we cannot find easily accessible, good quality water. Economic development does not happen without water! Quality of life suffers terribly without good water!

If the township does not consent to this water taking it carries huge weight with the province.

We need to know where each candidate both provincially and municipally stands on this issue. Let them all know about our sincere concerns about available, accessible water. Let them know we do not support privatization of water! Ask questions, get answers and vote accordingly for the provincial candidate and municipal ones in the fall election.

We must be clear on this. No public private partnership deals! No deals or compromise at all!

Tell our mayor, our councillors and all candidates running for both the provincial and then the municipal elections to stop this threat! Ask if they are going to accept this risk or stand up and oppose it!

The bottom line is who controls our water. It is time to act! Have a Ted talk with Mr. Arnott, question John Hurst, Diane Ballantyne, and Dave Rodgers. Find out their party platforms if they have one.

Let them know what a vital issue this is here. Ask them where their party stands on privatization of water. Ask every candidate their party’s position and their personal view on the rules for permits to take water. Ask our mayor and council and future municipal candidates their positions too. They could start with the Not a Willing Host resolution to get that message to the province.

We are all in this together. Figure out what you can do to stop this Nestle take over. We need your help and your voices! It’s on!

Dante: “the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” We do not have the luxury of neutrality. Neither do our politicians!

The next few months are crucial! All of us need to keep up the pressure. Send a letter, an email, make a phone call and make an appointment with a candidate for a talk tomorrow! Let’s help our Council get the message to the province!

This is a DO IT NOW time for our community!