Press Release: Friends of Elora Water

May 21 2015

For Immediate Release

Elora, Ontario: A small southern Ontario town has become ground zero in Canada’s battle for the right to safe clean drinking water. Local residents express outrage at news that Big Water giant Nestle is looking to export packaged water from the local watershed.

Nestle’s planned expansion into the community would see 1.6 million litres of water pumped each day from the local watershed. By comparison, this small community of 27,000 residents, uses 1.7 million litres of water from 9 well sites to meet the needs of every home, school and place of business. Big Water companies pay fees less than $4 per One Million Litres, while home owners pay over $4 per One Thousand Litres of water services.

Friends of Elora Water, a local citizen’s group, has seen its membership swell with the prospect of a sale to Nestle. Meetings have grown from a handful of concerned citizens, to a packed house for the monthly Water Wednesday Meeting May the 20th, where citizens from 8 to 80 filled the local Legion to fight for our rights to water.

With a growing on­line Facebook community of over 800 members, Friends of Elora Water’s posts have reached over 10,000 views in the past month. ( *** This post has tripled that number in less than 48 hours. )

Some residents fear increased water restrictions and unfair access to water during this year of predicted higher summer temperatures brought on by El Nino events and climate change. ” We all have water restrictions in the summer, while big companies can come in and ‘drain the well dry’ even during a drought.” commented Peter Skoggard a concerned community member.

Friends of Elora Water calls on local government to help protect drinking water as the community’s most precious resource. ” Now is a chance for our local and provincial government to led by example and protect our right to safe clean drinking water. It’s time for brave new ideas that speak to the needs of our growing community. ” said Diane Ballantyne, local High School teacher and social justice advocate.

The message received from a recent poll couldn’t be clearer, it showed that 97% of respondents opposed government’s support of companies like Nestle, operating in the community.

Friends of Elora Water asks why Centre Wellington Township has recently created a committee with representatives from Nestle, and the The Ministry of the Environment to look into the matter of water while excluding any voice of the people from Centre Wellington.

Friends of Elora Water is partnering with organizations across the province and across the country to maintain our rights to safe clean drinking water; Organizations that bring decades of experience in the science and policy of Canadian Water; Wellington Water Watchers, The Council of Canadians, and the David Suzuki Foundation.

” Together we will protect our water. The water under our feet, the water that comes out of our taps. It belongs to our future, it belongs to our children.” Founding member of Friends of Elora Water, Lindsay Bolger asks, ” If we don’t stand up who will? Will you?”

If you would like to learn more about water in our community, get involved in action taking place, or volunteer your time ­ go to Friends of Elora Water